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eifs fasteners
application scope
when the insulation board from insulation system is extruded polystyrene ;
when design requirement is adhered fastener coupling ;
when there is reinforcing requirement in building external insulation system ;
places where wind force is strong or there is wind hole in building ;
place of joint from external angle in skyscraper, high building or regular building ;
the tensile bearing strength from qiushan insulation fastener is meeting the requirement from below list ( jg149-2003 ) :
test item value
standard requirement
standard value of tensile bearing strength from each fastener. k/n
use method
after insulation board is adhered securely, normally fasteners are installed 24 hours later according to different temperature and humidity. holes can be drilled by impact driller according to design requirement. the depth for the drilled holes are more than 30mm from base wall and the surface dust cannot be calculated into the hole depth. the bore diameter is normally determined at 8mm or 10mm according to the diameter of sleeve tube from fastener. fasteners should be tightened and the nut from fasteners should be as flat as the insulation board surface or slightly tightened further into to make sure the fasteners and base walls are fully secured.
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